Not being able to gather in embodied community is hard. We miss meeting around the same table for worship, teaching, practice, and communion, but while we cannot come together in person, we can absolutely gather online. Below you will find all you will need to join us Sunday nights at 6pm.

We will be worshipping together on Facebook Live and YouTube Live. (Did you know we have a YouTube page? It’s new.) You can follow this link to join on our Facebook page or this one to join on YouTube

Finally, can I share a little guidance to help us all engage in online worship as best as we possibly can? 

  1. Here is a link to the 5.3 Order of Practice. You may want to print it to avoid having multiple windows open for the service.
  2. Because our computers, phones, and televisions are so often used to consume entertainment, would you consider being intentional about making the space in which you will worship holy? You may choose a particular room to avoid places you usually consume media, pay bills, or work. Do what you can to straighten the space to avoid clutter. You may consider bringing a cross into the room or light a candle to remind you of God’s presence. 
  3. Finally, would you prepare communion element ahead of time? The bread and the juice may be a part of your holy space, and if you are worshiping with family, we encourage you to serve one another.

This is a challenging season. We continue to hold each of you in prayer as God brings you to mind. You are such an incredible community, and we are so grateful for you. See you Sunday.

Jason and The Practice Team